04 mars 2015

Werval is an open source JVM based toolkit for building HTTP services. A lightweight core, live reload dev mode, useful modules, plugins for several build tools and multiple languages support leave you free to choose the right architecture for your domain.

Keep in sight that this is an early access release and that some edges may still be rough.

If you encounter any issue, please report by creating a new issue.


Breaking changes

  • (#246) APIs now leverage Java 8 java.util.Optional

Bug fixes

  • (#239) Fix ReverseRoutes NPE if controller is interface and no parameters

  • (#242) Fix @AcceptContentType filter failure on Content-Type headers with charset info

New features

  • (#5) CORS support

  • (#241) JSON Web Token support


  • (#240) Allow filter annotations on filter annotations

  • (#243) Allow global filter annotations on Global object

  • (#244) DevShell now open http://localhost:port/ instead of when werval.http.address is