13 janvier 2015

Werval is an open source JVM based toolkit for building HTTP services. A lightweight core, live reload dev mode, useful modules, plugins for several build tools and multiple languages support leave you free to choose the right architecture for your domain.

Keep in sight that this is an early access release and that some edges may still be rough.

If you encounter any issue, please report by creating a new issue.


Release song is U can’t touch this by McHammer.

Breaking changes

  • (#233) Config.object( String key ) has been replaced by Config.atKey( String key ) and Config.atPath( String path )

Bug fixes

  • (#232 & #233) Fix dynamic modules documentation in development mode

  • (#235) Fix QueryString.Decoder that incorrectly added a null query param

New features

  • (#194) Hashid parameter binder


  • (#237) Controllers type lookup packages for routes can now be set in configuration

  • (#68) Server bootstrap now loads Application and HttpServer implementations through ServiceLoader

  • (#164) Performance enhancement, all equals() methods have been short-circuited

  • (#193) Tests now use a randomly choosen free port in test mode allowing to run tests while development mode is running

Dependency changes